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We are committed to providing the highest quality of services to our clients. 

Standard Home Inspection

If you are looking to buy or sell a home, it is important to have a professional home inspection. Our complete home inspection covers all areas of the home for function and safety, and can alert you of existing or potential problems.

Pricing info below. 

Four-Point Inspection

A Four Point Inspection is often required by insurance companies before a home insurance policy is issued. It covers 4 important areas of the home: HVAC, Electric, Plumbing, & Roof. 

**Included in every standard home inspection at no additional cost.

Wind Mitigation

Wind Mitigation reports are crucial for Florida residents as our homes face high hurricane winds. This inspection shows how well your home can resist wind damage. A wind mitigation report may even help reduce your insurance premiums. 

**Included in every standard home inspection at no additional cost.

360° Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is used to scan the surfaces of your home on every standard inspection. With this tool we can see through walls into surfaces that cannot normally be seen. Thermal imaging helps to detect roof leaks, water leaks, missing insulation, electrical overload and structural defects.  

**Included in every standard home inspection at no additional cost.

** Most companies charge additional fees for Four-Point Inspection, Wind Mitigation, and Thermal Imaging but we feel it is a standard of practice and should be included with all inspections.  


Pricing based on square footage and year built. Discounts provided for condo, new construction and after repair re-inspections.

Additional $75 for crawlspace inspections.

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